AWANA Starts October 1st

Every Wednesday at 6:15 PM!


Wednesday Night at 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM at The River; AWANA is for children ages Kindergarten - 5th Grade.
Children are encouraged to tithe $0.50 when they attend.







Truth and Training


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

The Sparks Club introduces children to the Biblical truth and principles, teaching them to be excited about and learn God's word.


Truth & Training

2nd - 5th Grade

The T&T Clubs are for older children and explore how the Bible applies to their lives. Their questions are answered in an engaging manner as their faith develops. T&T is set up for all children whether or not they participated in Sparks.


Leadership Information:


Leader: Debbie Swanger

Contact Information: (740) 815-7259


Asst. Leader: Doug Owings

Contact Information: